Family Research Rounds Videos


A brief history of accessible clothing 

This is an overview of accessible clothing designs that existed in the US and Canada from roughly 1950-1975.  It describes why this period was so important in the long history of disability and dress, yet remains largely unknown today.

Shared Decision-Making: Advancing decision-making research from a parent's perspective

Dr. Francine Buchanan will present her research on the decision-making processes of physicians and parents and how that research informed a new model of shared decision-making for children with medical complexity

Talking About Disability Rights for Children in Canada

There is often very little education on the status of disability rights for children in Canada. Since 2018, there have been a variety of initiatives attempting to move the needle when it comes to policy. This introductory session with Rachel Martens will highlight some of the work so far and share some resources.


Employment: the Gold Standard for Inclusion

Jennifer Crowson (Diversity & Inclusion Specialist) and Ingrid Muschta (Special Projects & Innovation Director) from the Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN) shared findings of their research for the Youth Success Strategy and discussed how to create an environment where competitive employment is seen a viable possibility and the natural progression for students who have a developmental disability once they leave the school system, similar to their peers without a disability.


So much to learn: Lessons families have taught me in clinical neuroscience research

Dr. Adam Kirton, a pediatric neurologist at Alberta Children's Hospital, shares the ways in which families have informed his work in clinical neuroscience research.


FER Extended Learning Opportunities

Using TikTok for Research

Rachel Martens, CanChild Research Engagement Strategist, hosted an informal chat about why TikTok (social media app) is an emerging space for disseminating research knowledge. She shared current best practices on TikTok and ways to use videos between social media channels.


Building Research Communities Through Social Media: Developing Trust While Building Stakeholder Capacity

Approaches to social media networking in research rarely consider the nuanced and meaningful nature of human connection. This can make for a daunting task when considering how to connect with people with lived experience. This is an informal conversation about best practices and approaches to engage stakeholders in research studies using social media.