Developing a Knowledge Translation (KT) Strategy for a Centre of Childhood Disability Research: Description of the Process

While knowledge translation (KT) is a topic of increasing importance to researchers, there is limited information available on how KT activities should be planned and prioritized. This recently published article outlines a KT strategic planning activity carried out by CanChild, and may be helpful to individuals and organizations interested in developing KT strategic plans. The article describes a collaborative process where CanChild members were engaged to identify priority areas and help establish objectives, strategies and measurable outcomes. CanChild is currently in the implantation phase of the resulting KT strategic plan. 

Authors: Russell D, McCauley D, Novak I, Kolehmainen N,Shikako-Thomas K, D'Costa R, Gorter JW.; Scholarly and Research Communication. 2015 Vol 7, No 1.

The full article can be found here.