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CanChild Team

CanChild’s membership is comprised of a multidisciplinary network of Scientists, Research Associates, and International Collaborators from various institutions from around the world. The CanChild team is also made up of PhD Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, and Research & KT Support. This network includes researchers and clinicians with expertise in pediatrics, rehabilitation medicine (physiatry), occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language pathology, kinesiology, social psychology, epidemiology and biostatistics.

As CanChild co-founder Peter Rosenbaum says “It is not me but we” – and the impact of that statement is felt within each of our team members. At CanChild we put every effort into embodying that sentiment. Our research is steeped in local and global partnerships, collaborations, and team effort, and we believe those to be the necessary ingredients to produce truly great work. Since our early days we have pulled together individuals with various academic backgrounds and clinical expertise to better our research, and we continue to do that today. Explore more about those individuals and discover their unique skills that make us a great team below...

Our Team

  • Scientists
  • Research and Knowledge Translation Support
  • Post Doctoral Fellows
  • PhD Students
  • Advisory Board
  • Alumni
  • Associate Members