Family Engagement Community

The Family Engagement Community is a growing network of families and researchers that have access to a variety of learning, mentoring, and supportive activities on family engagement. The overall community is managed and led by Knowledge Broker, Rachel Martens. This community of learners acts as a space to learn from others and share your own experiences in health research. Become part of this community by engaging in events, activities, and social media which are offered through the FER Knowledge Mobilization Program.

The FER Knowledge Mobilization Program offers continuing knowledge translation events, small group mentorship, networking, and collaboration opportunities. Activities include (and are not limited to) accessible community-targeted presentations (e.g., Luke’s Legacy Family Research Rounds), structured networking opportunities (e.g., Randomized Coffee Trial to meet other people interested in FER), and formal opportunities for FER graduates to get involved in on-going knowledge mobilization and community outreach activities (e.g., co-presenting in community presentations).

You can stay in touch with the community through a variety of social media channels and email options. You can find us on  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok). Rachel also publishes a monthly FER Newsletter with engagement opportunities and resources, and runs a FER blog and podcast.