Family Engagement Fundamentals

The Family Engagement Fundamentals is a foundational training opportunity that aims to increase learner knowledge and awareness of family engagement. This three-hour online course is designed to build knowledge and awareness of the fundamental principles of family engagement including:

  • what family engagement is and why it is important
  • the benefits and challenges of family engagement
  • how to set up meaningful and authentic partnerships

The training includes active learning activities and group-based discussions to provide learners with opportunities to apply course content. Additionally, learners are given a range of tools and resources that can be used in their local context. Overall, the Family Engagement Fundamentals provides learners with a foundation in family engagement and is a springboard to additional FER training opportunities.

Who is this workshop for?
This training is relevant for groups or organizations who work with, care for, and/or experience disabilities and/or medical complexities, including, but not limited to:

  • Family members (e.g., parents, siblings, people with disabilities)
  • Health care and community service providers
  • Educators
  • Health care administrators

Want to bring this training to your group or organization?
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"I liked the time spent in breakout rooms and hearing perspectives of multiple people. I liked the grouping with the same people in subsequent breakout rooms which allowed us to carry forward the conversations. I enjoyed the engagement and collective brainstorming."

"I loved the presenters, their perspectives and their knowledge. I learned a lot about why meaningful family engagement is important."