Clinical Research: How Does It Work?

Presented by Dr Peter Rosenbaum in partership with NeuroDevNet on November 5, 2015.

Clinical and health services research are critical to our ability to move the field of childhood disability forward and have confidence in what we “know” is in fact based on credible studies. We regularly read that “they” have discovered some new finding, after which the report discusses the possible importance of these findings for the community at large. What is less well understood is that the questions asked by the researchers, and the methods they use in their studies, will have a significant impact on the kind of study that is done, the findings that arise from it, the overall credibility of the research, and what the results might mean for people.

CanChild, in partnership with NeuroDevNet, is pleased to offer a one-hour webinar that aims to provide attendees with the essential understanding required to read a study with a critical eye. By understanding the research process, we hope that attendees will be better equipped to identify a credible research study and effectively evaluate the personal importance and potential impacts of the study for their concerns.