Developmental Coordination Disorder Physiotherapy Modules

One child in twenty has a chronic health condition called Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). Most physiotherapists (PTs) who intervene with these children focus on treating 'impairments', an approach that we know from recent evidence is ineffective. Physiotherapy services for children with DCD need to be timely, grounded in the best available evidence, and aimed at helping children increase their participation in everyday physical activities. The current proposal will develop and evaluate the use of a web-based DCD educational resource for PTs that will support evidence-based changes in their practice. This research project will provide PTs with a tool to help improve services for children with DCD and foster improved health outcomes.

Research Team

For more information, contact: Chantal Camden, Project Coordinator

Outcomes (Measures)

Evaluate the impact of the modules on: 1) PT DCD knowledge and skills (pre and post questionnaires), and 2) PT clinical practice behaviours (3 month follow-up questionnaire) 


Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada - Ontario Physiotherapy Association Kim Wolny Research Grant (2012-2013)


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